2022 Lexus LX570 - Info and Detail

 2022 Lexus LX570

A new generation of Lexus LX will be released this year, based on the Toyota New Global Architecture. The new Lexus LX is expected to be officially launched in 2022.  This set of renderings is based on the new Toyota Land Cruiser, so it looks a lot like the new Land Cruiser.

Compared with the current Lexus LX570, the new LX570 should not have much change in overall shape. The front face is still a familiar oversized mouth, the headlight style is gradually slender, and the taillight shape is also significantly changed, and the overall style is more sporty.

Since the LX is completely derived from the Land Cruiser, the origin of the two cars can be clearly seen in the overall outline, and it is still a very hard-line style. The LX in the rendering picture has a huge grille, which is more fierce than the current model, and the grid pattern inside the grid is also very complicated, which is extremely eye-catching. The headlight design is very sharp, using a slender shape design, with exaggerated air intake design surrounding both sides, full of momentum.

The side line of the new car is consistent with that of Toyota's brothers, and the tail adopts through-type taillights, which is a very popular design nowadays. But the interesting thing is that the car in the rendering does not have exhaust, and LX will not provide an all-electric model. Perhaps the designer wants to make this car look more environmentally friendly.

In terms of power, the LX will be equipped with a twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 engine and a hybrid system. The combined output is expected to reach 480 horsepower. The non-hybrid version will have 409 horsepower.