2022 Mazda CX4 Specifications and Review

2022 Mazda CX-4

The Mazda CX-4 incorporates elements of individuality, and the control of Mazda's models is at the same level, and the chassis tuning and precise steering are also at the leading level. In addition to the sense of control, the Mazda cx-4 is in line with the driving habits of young consumers, and the appearance is also better than that of the same-level models, because the car is designed with fashion and sports as the main theme. The chrome-plated lines are inserted into the headlights, and the front face looks very sporty. The front headlights on the left and right sides are equipped with LED light sources as standard, and the integrated daytime running lights and headlight delay shutdown functions in the light group are very practical.

In terms of appearance, the overall styling is quite dynamic and avant-garde, in line with the current aesthetic trend. The front face adopts a dot matrix air intake grille design, and the periphery is decorated with silver trim, which has a relatively good visual effect. The design of the headlight group is more unique and full-bodied. The raised lines above the hood have a good sense of muscle.

the LED headlights of Meteor Eye are stylish, the combination of the grille and the headlights makes the front face particularly sporty, and the chrome-plated decorative strip adds a sense of class. The body posture is relatively short, but the ground clearance is not low, so that it can maintain a sense of movement without affecting the passability. The rear design is relatively fuller, with softer lines and a stronger sense of hierarchy.

On the side of the body, richer ribs are added to the side of the body, which can present different visual effects when driving in different environments. The sports atmosphere is good, basically in line with the aesthetic requirements of current consumers. The surface of the car body has smooth and dynamic lines, and the roof forms a full arc.

In terms of interior decoration, the interior texture is better. The large screen adopts the popular suspension design, which has a variety of functions and strong practicability. There is also more storage space in the car, which can meet the needs of ordinary households.

the dashboard of the car presents a unique design style, and the information display is clear and intuitive. The three-ring design, digital driving display, and floating central control screen all have a relatively good technological atmosphere. The central control area has a strong sense of hierarchy, and the physical buttons have clear damping.

In terms of power, Mazda CX-4 provides two different displacement engines, 2.0 liter naturally aspirated engine and 2.5 liter naturally aspirated engine, with maximum power of 158 horsepower and 192 horsepower, and maximum torque of 202 Newton meter and 252 respectively. The transmission system is matched with a 6-speed automatic gearbox.