2022 TOYOTA C-HR Hybrid Model

2022 TOYOTA C-HR Hybrid Model

Toyota officially released the C-HR dual engine version. The new car continues the overall design of the European version and is powered by a 2.0 liter hybrid system, the combined consumption reached a level of 4.5 liter per 100km. After the car is launched, the lineup of the C-HR family will be further expanded.

The appearance of the new model is not significantly different from that of the previous version of the C-HR, but on the front and above the front fender, the blue Toyota LOGO and the words "Hybrid" also indicate that the car is equipped with Toyota's gasoline-electric hybrid. The new car still has a "small but fierce" design style, which is also one of its most eye-catching features.

The style air intake decoration on both sides of the new model has been further increased in size, and the fog lamps have been moved to both sides of the air intake decoration, and the headlights have also been replaced with a new LED lamp group. The new car also uses a newly designed 17-inch two-color wheel, the overall shape is still very layered and aggressive.

At the rear, the shape of the "C-shaped" taillights on the current model remains unchanged. At the rear of the car, a black spoiler is added to the tail of the duckling to connect the "C-shaped" taillights, and it extends to the left and right to surround the light frame, which has a prominent visual effect. In addition, the new model still uses a hidden exhaust design.

In terms of interior, the new model basically follows the design style of the current model. The three-spoke multi-function steering wheel and the suspension large-size central control screen make the new car look very stylish and technological. As a small SUV, the space in the car is not its strong point, especially the rear space, because of the relationship between the shape, the passenger's sense of oppression may be a bit strong. 
The new car may continue the European version with a new 8.0-inch infotainment display in addition, a new gray roof is added to the interior color, and black leather seats are provided.

In terms of power, the new model is equipped with the same hybrid system on Lexus UX. The system has a comprehensive maximum power of 135kW, of which the maximum power of the engine is 107kW and the maximum torque is 188 Newton meter, the maximum power of the electric motor is 80kW, the peak torque is 202 Newton meter, and the fuel consumption level of the vehicle is only 4.5 Liter per 100km.